With Eric Launcher a new world is open for our Round Android Smartwatches.
Eric Crochemore is doing History!!

It is with great pleasure that I can give new life to my Skins already presented here.

Now, I present my Breitling For Bentley skin adapted to WFace.
Its functions are now completely faithful to the original Clock. I just added an extra window indicating the battery level, because I understood that it was important.


Permanent H: M: S
Chronograph H: M: S: 1 / 5S
24H marker
Global Time Zones
Digital Daymonth
Digital Battery Level
DIM Mode with manual controls (3 options: ON, OFF, AUTO)
ZOOM IN and ZOOM OUT for better reading.

Original Homage:



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Great functionality! Maybe I will install Eric’s launcher after all! I’m just not sure what standard X5+ functionality I will loose when I choose Eric’s launcher…

@FF_Camolas fantastic and great support for @Eric_Crochemore as well !

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Fantastico. Si può avere un file zip?

Funziona solo con Erik launcher?

Funziona solo con Eric Launcher o Android Wear

Ok dove posso scaricare Eric launcher?

Ho un finow x5 plus

Ho anche X5 +.
Scarica Eric Launcher qui:

How do you do for finow x5 plus?

@Eneias_Aquila install @Eric_Crochemore launcher

scusate ma come si creano i file *.watch , che software si deve usare ?, io al momento uso ClockSkinMaker. per creare le faces… grazie :slight_smile:

You should use Desktop Watchmaker on PC ( or Watchmaker on Smartphone (in Google Play)

@FF_Camolas thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Pablo Eleven, have I understood your earlier comment correctly. That the Eric Crochemore launcher will run on the Finow x5 plus enabling its owners to run faces like the one above.

I do not know how to do … so I’m asking to turn to the finow

Nice work, but not csm format zip. There is another community for wm files.

@kevin_samworth yes - correct. Install his launcher on the X5+ and copy the file into the ClockSkin folder (make sure it is named like this exactly) and it will be select-able

Now back to serious business

We need to host the .watch files on WatchAwear under the X series category. If we host both .watch and clockskin files here we will end up with thousands of unnecessary posts about why doesn’t it work etc etc .

@FF_Camolas can you please edit your first post and very clearly state that this is a .watch file and will NOT work on stock watches that do not have Eric’s launcher? And then host the file on WatchAwear as we only host CSM files here to avoid this type of confusion.

I love the work but I can also see the kind of problems we are going to face. People can’t even use the search box let alone this small level of complexity :slight_smile:
@Eric_Crochemore I think we will need to write this into the site rules now. Before all hell breaks loose.
People with Wear watches will start coming on here and it will be a nightmare.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 yep, agree.