Bomb bomb: I2, half price,

Bomb bomb: I2, half price, $54.99

DON’T miss out on this people - very limited sale and a great price !!

I bought one for 50 € is not bad, as I wait for news SmartWatch 1 GB of RAM 8GB ROM

Don’t be fooled by the price on the search - it is selling for $54 !! Only 10 left…

I’m in - as @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ says, the GB search will show over 100€£$ but actual is 50 something.

I’m in - as @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ says, the GB search will show over 100€£$ but actual is 50 something.

Silver or gold still left at cheaper price :slight_smile:

There is no direct link to a vendor either …

Yes they are a sponsor of this community…

This is by no way any form of a complaint about Iqi or Gearbest… I am just seeking clarification…
I’ve seen a few posts deleted recently because they contained links to adverts… so, what is it that defines a sponsor and what products/services are they allowed to advertise in this Community?

@Teebo it’s all good. We had those removed as well. It’s just one of our things we don’t do. Photos are good but no vendor links.
Thanks for understanding

@Andrew_Davis well - we don’t allow adverts that have a direct link to a vendor. For instance - when this post was first put up it had a vendor name. It had to be edited to remove that.

A sponsor is a watch maker who donates watches to the support team so that we can actually support the thing.

Loki made a post about this previously, I will find it…

So, only watch manufacturers can be sponsors?
What about App designers?

Gearbest post deleted.

@Andrew_Davis I don’t see why not ? I should think it would be ok - if they were developers and not some commercial entity. Is that what you mean?

@Teebo Thank you for supporting I2

@Teebo yes - it was deleted by the poster - it had a vendor name all over it.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 As the Community is bound by rules I was looking for a yes or no… does this point need to be deferred so that there’s no ambiguity?

I was thinking that if an App developer created something special/specific for the Community then I wouldn’t mind seeing their advert… we are pretty short of Apps…