BMW M1 Procar (V1 & V2)

Next in the series of legendary exotics is the very short lived BMW M1…What was originally going to be a joint venture with Lamborghini to create a production race car in sufficient quantity for homologation, but conflicts arrived and BMW just produced the car themselves. Has weekday and day functions with a BMW M1 second hand…Enjoy…

Version 1


Version 2


Credits -, - all car images used in both versions, nose badge & M1 rear badge

Dropbox Link - Version 1 & Version 2

FYI - Performance stats are based off of the production model which are correct…the better stats on simraceway is based off of the actual race engine used in the procar…Production engine output was 273 hp/243 torque compared to the racing version of 470 hp/282 torque.

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