Bluetooth VS mobile data. battery life

I have a unlimited data plan so im not as concerned with data usage but wondering what is going to use more battery.

watch with cell service on , mobile data off, bluetooth on.


watch with cell and data on, bluetooth off

Thats a tricky one because if for example you use whatsapp which is turned off in battery saver. It will constantly be using mobile data in the background as the app stays on ? So really its impossible to answer depending on whats searching / connected .
In standby mode with nothing connected i would guess at mobile data is a bigger drain
For me the new batterys in newest watches doesnt make this a concern anymore

that i think is the issue i am running into. i use facebook messenger instead of whats app but its always running anways so draining battery so probably best to leave watch droid connection service turned off and bluetooth off. If i get a phone or text it will ring on both anyways so no reason to keep it connected together unless it was a massive power saving.

I find on my LEMFO10 that I can last easily the whole day with Wi-Fi+LTE and Bluetooth off. If I only activate Bluetooth, my watch will last 5-6 hours top.

So I prefer LTE over Bluetooth in my case.