Better looking KW88

Better looking KW88

What smartwatch is this?

The lovely Kingwear KW88

Please post the link of your clasp you used.
Did you need to cut of a part of the strap with this clasp?

this is borrowed from my Tag…as simple as that.
yes you need to cut little from KW88 to make it loose fit and then you can adjust the tightness.
it will little difficult to push in (snap) into the buckle but with just little trimming on the sides of kw88 strap …veryyyyyyyy little or not doing it…it will fit nicely.

for those who do not have Tag…any similar one will work just fine with the Tag dimensions.

from the Tag connected I used only the buckle. be careful with cutting your kw88 strap …maybe inch and quarter will more than enough…depends on your wrist size.
it is a 5 minutes process all together.

What is the width of the bucke? 23mm? 22?

Finding this one, it looks like you don’t have to cut the watchband?

Maybe the expertise of @Lokifish_Marz can help here?
@Lokifish_Marz This looks like a nice solution next to the double butterfly, but on Ebay it looks like the outer band doesn’t need to be cut, but becomes the inner band. Am I correct?

Buckle size inside (from edge to edge) is 22.
Kw88 is around 23~

100% for my case you need to cut…other wise it will be too long piece of rubber under the buckle and very hard to push it all the way to fit normal size wrist…when you have you will see it.

I’ve bought this TagHeuer-like clasp for my D5:

It seems it’s not necessary to cut the band.
It also seems to be a little thick, from the pictures.
But I’ll share the results with you guys as soon as it arrives.

@Alessandro_Domingos Hello
You’ve already received?
I want to buy one for my I2

It just arived!
I’m very impressed with the quality. It fits perfectly on the strap.
Some pictures:

With this I can enlarge the strap?
to me this very tight

@Rafael_Madakite ​, if you are using it on the last hole of the stripe, you will probably get extra 0.5 to 1cm. Not to sure it’s gonna be safe though. If you set the clasp to much to the edge of the stripe it may get loose.

With a centimeter it more is perfect

@Alessandro_Domingos good price. can you tell what is dimmensions? 20mm?
At this seller not have option to Kw88 if need 22mm.

@Khalid_Naji just a curiosity… :slight_smile: if you have a Tag why to buy a Kw88? Happy with it?

To be honest I will sell my Tag and My Casio for half price if someone like them.
Sooner or later you shall know that any smart watch without LTE or 3G connectivity is just the most waste you can buy including the dummy Apple watch 1 and 2 as well.
Smart watch means total autonomous when you want…not double notifications to show off

@Antonio_Praca ​, I bought the 20mm that fits in my D5. Not sure if this seller has the 22mm option. But there are a bunch of sellers selling this kind of buckle. Just do a search at Aliexpress and you most probably well find one that fits your watch.