Back cover for KW88. You need to remove heart rate sensor.

Back cover for KW88. You need to remove heart rate sensor.

Nice… My watch backplate also broke… Have ordered a new one…

Nice indeed :+1:
Would be good in black - although I can see why you wanted red :slight_smile:
Was it easy enough to fit?

+Smash Smashin
Glad its sorted :slight_smile:

Where is the hole for the heart rate sensor?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Got it! 10x

@lana_masaya I don’t need heart rate sensor - removed it. Drawing is attached, so if you need heart rate sensor - feel free to add a hole for it.

? sorry - does this mean you already had them ? If so my apologies …

Can you make the cover for No. 1 D6?

@Trener_vratarjev I could, but only if I had No. 1 D6. I own KW88 only!

sorry to bother you but if you don’t need those links I’ll remove them. I’m guessing that what you meant by 10x is that you already had this stuff ?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ Sorry, I meant that I have made a copy in my gdrive. This weekend I will take a deep look at it. Thank you!

ok cool - I’ll remove that post now :slight_smile:

You know - if you manage to make an independent standalone launcher from this that has this X3 watch face engine - people will pay money for it.
It would be fantastic. The X series engine even automatically scales the faces for different screen sizes !

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 Thank you! You may remove the link.