AsteroidOS on KW88 Pro


I found this alternative system:

The file for harmony:
But i failed to flash it.

I try using this fastboot:

adb reboot bootloader

fastboot oem unlock  ->>> Watch freeze

fastboot flash userdata asteroid-image-harmony.ext4  -->>>> Error: invalid sparse file format header magi + Freeze
fastboot flash boot zImage-dtb-harmony.fastboot 
fastboot continue

So it failed

i try flash using SP Flash.
I flash asteroid-image-harmony.ext4 to userdata
zImage-dtb-harmony.fastboot  to boot
–> Falsh works, but touch screen not

asteroidOS is to be used on watches that run wearOS, the watches on this forum are not wearOS - that OS seems to be a dirty word round here

there’s also a disclaimer if you look on this page here -

“Other low-end smartwatches using cheap Mediatek SoCs aren’t able to run a Linux kernel and can’t be supported by AsteroidOS”

which is a shame as I was interested in this OS as well, my ticwatch E runs wearOS and works flawlessly up to around 15m away - bt calling, sms voice reply everything. It’s also everything that my S99C POS isn’t

You should read my post more
I post the link for asteroidOS for harmony
I flash it successfully, but i failed to make the screen response.

Hi I am currently running the latest nightly build for harmony on my LEMFO LES1. Finally I have my watch synced with my iPhone and notifications are working like a charm with no battery drain! Only drawback is that the touchscreen axes are inverted. Much more convenient and lightweight O.S. than android
Asteroid OS nightlies forKW88/KW88Pro/KW98/KW99

Mar 13, 2019 19:20:52 GMT 45rwerftwe said: Asteroid OS nightlies forKW88/KW88Pro/KW98/KW99

Thanks guys! Can you post the forum where you find it. So we can find the updates

I just try it, i have a bootloop…
Works if i flash 1.3 original firmware (KW88Pro)

But i still have touchscreen problem

This youtube video says, WIFI and Bleutooth does not work on the Zentwatch 3 with AsteroirdOS::

AsteroidOS on Asus Zenwatch 3 | Alternative to android wear

Does WIFI and Bluetooth work after installing AsteroidOS on the Kingwear KW88 Pro?