APPLLP MAX S999 + other HEBS types - UNSUPPORTED - posts left here


Is this the same Watch @pablo11 is writing about at this topic?

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If the clockskin folder does not appear after a factory reset then it is probably one of the trash watches unfortunately.
But sometimes the folder is missing until a factory reset is done and the folder permissions are corrected.
Only if it is not the trash board.

I will confirm this, but if it is not the trash board it would have the same layout as the Prime S or the LEM P.
I’m pretty certain that these have the clockskin folder because they are a Wiiteer solution.

The trash models definitely don’t have the clockskin folder.


@Dennis_Garcia Please let me know when you have done the factory reset and can you confirm the details of the firmware it is using?
It is normally located in watch Settings / About Watch… It should be one of the last items in the list when you go to About Watch.


Just had confirmation from my friends in China.
This is definitely one of these

Thread closed.
Thanks everyone :+1:


Guys I did some research and figure out that people say that watch droid doesn’t work when screen is turned off so the question is are here anyone who is using lokmat appllp max and it’s working while screen is off??
Why I am asking this because I have already ordered one and can’t return(((
Watch is on its way to be delivered.
Hope to see positive answers.
P.S I would be grateful if you can give proper answers :pray::pray::pray:

Yes, it works with the screen off.
But only if you set the Android 11 permissions correctly.
Exactly the same as an Android 11 mobile phone - only difference is that you need to also disable the “clean task” function in the system optimisation app.
Sorry for the delay in reply @Armen_Tangyan but I thought you already knew this…
It’s the same as Android 10 stock firmware basically.

I ordered it on alibaba and in the description says that LOKMAT APPLLP MAX is android 9

But you posted in the APPLLP 4 Pro thread.
Moved to the correct thread now.
The APPLLP 4 Max was the same as the Prime 2 and it was Android 10.
If it has been changed to Android 9 and a Unisoc chip, then it is not supported here.
Let’s see what happens when you get it.
It should be Android 10 with a 2" screen.

Soz for the wrong thread didn’t notice.

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Today got the watch just want to let you know that android version is 9 unfortunately (((

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Yep, I thought that would happen.
After Kospet stopped selling it, it was open to any changes.
Sadly you are stuck with Android 9 because the hardware is going to be Unisoc Spreadtrum.
Totally different solution and unsupported by us.
Thanks for letting us know. :+1:

Is it so bad???
I mean this version of hardware

I have no idea.

I would say it drains battery pretty fast 2-3% in like 3min turned on wifi just for a phew second to check update than turned it off.

At least I can use watch droid when screen turned off?

I think you should try it and then report back to us?

Actually decided to keep it for sell but at least I’ll try that tomorrow

Tested works good.just 1 problem with watch droid notifications shows vertical not to fix that??? If my memory don’t fail me there were applications which fix that but couldn’t find link here(((

Unless there is an option in watch droid, it cannot be fixed