Anyone using FINOW Q2 1G/16G Version?

Is actually exist? I mean, well, I bought one from banggood and realized that it is actually have 8GB storage but just modified system report to display 16GB rom size. So, basically, It is counterfeit.

I wonder that if only banggood is problem or whole FINOW Q2 16GB are fraud.

You didn’t specify where from the watch you go this information but these older android watches came in two configurations. 1G/16G and 3G/32G. So that information should be correct. Some of the Storage is used to run the operating system and app storage etc. So it may not reflect 16G of storage.

No. Finow Q2 is 1G/8GB watch and There are some 1G/16GB model around.
And I checked its eMMC size by flash tool memory test and it was 8GB emmc(actual available size for user area was 4GB around.).

Ok so the most simple way to clear this up id use this app and install it from the watch storage. Transfer it to the watch using cable from your PC or Install from the Google Play app store .

Device Info HW_v4.28.1.apk (2.0 MB)
I am surprised if all the stores are giving the wrong info - but this way is best way to check without too much trouble.

If you are dissatisfied then I advise you to open a dispute with Banggood and send them the photos of the output from the app I have attached.

I did find this one that claims to be 1gb + 8gb All others claim to be 1gb +16gb

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screen screeninfo

Just in case, I upload infos about what exactly I’ve got. I purchase this watch from here. It must be 16GB watch, but as screenshot shows, It is actually 8GB watch and just modified system to report false 16GB rom size. It is a counterfeit basically.

Dispute thingy are my own job you shouldn’t worry about this. I’m just warning to community that this kind of sxxt can be happen.

Meanwhile I still need 16GB version of this watch. but This kind of sxxt can not be mistake or defect of just one unit in my knowledge. So, I’m afraid of being conned again. I want a proof that there are really 16GB version of this watch exist. If anyone really have 16GB version of this watch please show me the proof and tell me where you’ve got. Thank you.

I appreciate your help, but What I’m trying now is find someone who can proof that 16GB version of this watch is really exist. I really need 16GB version of this watch and try to find trusted supplier other than banggood.

have you considered other watches? I would think the lemfo lem 10, for example, would be a good choice

Would consider. but I don’t really think that watch is suit for my need. because what I want to do is modding watch like this and using bluetooth pocket music player.

Seems LEMFO LEM10 has metal frame. It would be really hard work to cut those band legs off and sanding it like this. I already have LEMFO LEM11 also, but I don’t like its design.

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