Anyone having restore issues using google 1?

I’ve been letting Google One backup my data, applications, pictures, and setting for my LEM14 for about a year.
I’ve flashed and upgraded to different FAW international releases about 4 times. But there is no option showing for restore when I run Google One as this page says there should be.: (
I also get no notifications that anything is waiting to be restored.
Has anyone been able to get this to work?

I’m having similar issues with google backup. I think it ahs something to do with the number of custom apps and settings in the adapted version of A11 on my LOKMAT appllp 4 pro.

Using the settings 》 Google services & preferences 》 backup , or, set up and restore has helped me a little. My contacts and such have been backed up that way at least.

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Thanks. Ill give that a shot.