Anyone else think this site is suspicious?

Anyone else think this site is suspicious? Seems to be the only place that says its currently carrying the new d5+. Anyone know if this seller is legit?

to me non of these are any good if the battery doesnt get better and you cant add watch faces.

It hasn’t been released yet so I wouldn’t trust it…

Well there isn’t a good one out there yet, from what I can see the x5 is still the best and even that from what I’ve read has a lot of short comings.

Word on the street is that there were going to be some updated & upgraded X series watches released this month. X1, X3 and X5 - only problem is that the 6580 soc just went up in price and it’s thrown everyone off a bit.
Fingers crossed that everything will work out soon though…

Its a Powerful watch I got mine today.