Anyone else received an OTA update for the Finow X5 (not the plus)?

Anyone else received an OTA update for the Finow X5 (not the plus)? I just did and bravely installed it. Just to be sure, I first selected a stock watchface before updating. So far no issues.

I did lose root access though… which was to be expected. Tonight I’m going to try to re-root it.

What was the full name of the OTA? (Might not do this straight away until the admins have had a look at it.) Notice any changes @Ronald_Jansen ?

I don’t remember the full name. It stated “some minor bug fixes”. My current build number after the update is: ALPS.KK1.MP7.V1.22
Custom build version: v.s. 160716
Kernel version: 3.4.67 sw05@SMBIOS #1 Sat Jul 16 14:11:53 CST 2016

Crap… I can’t root my X5 anymore. Installing [W815_TWRP-2820-recovery] works perfectly, but there’s no option to root anymore. Normally TWRP recovery will ask you if you want the watch to be rooted when rebooting to system, but it doesn’t ask me anymore and Super SU says the watch isn’t rooted.

Rooted anyway. Copied [] to my watch and installed it through TWRP Recovery. All is well.

I just got one with release date 16.07

and one from 22.09

Can anyone test to see if Google sync is working without WiFi, just using 3G?
It was always an issue with these older X5s and in fact all the original X series watches. The 3G connection would drop after a while and all notifications would stop.

Now I see the 22-09 update too. Only, when I try to apply that update, it says that my system is damaged. Probably because it is rooted. I will do a factory reset and try again

And so your September update fails as well?

My watch is not rooted, but I can’t install 2209 update. It says that my watch is damaged as Ronald’s. If I clear update application cache, I can try again, but the result is same.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 ​ I don’t use 3g with my watch, so I can’t check that for you.

I also got it a couple days ago but waited to hear of any bugs, sounds safe enough so far!