Anybody knows about this watch?

Anybody knows about this watch? ZGPAX S99

Yes we know about it.
I did try to approach the manufacturer to see if they would like to be supported by us but I had no response

It’s basically the same as I2 & KW88 but has two buttons.

I think chinavision also have one very similar.

I’m looking for a watch which is “water proof” with gps, messenger Facebook etc. which I can use when sailing, with the mobile connection. But also with great display

Hmmm, this can’t be water proof more than just a splash.
It has a speaker grill and microphone hole.
Ok with just about everything else though.
Has about 1.4 gb storage available (this can vary but only by a few gig)

Anyone know who the ODM is for this watch?

I have this watch.the gps is not function it will not lock up

@surfplattehelvete_ba have you checked the firmware version? It may need an update.
You need to enable high accuracy in GPS settings on the watch settings.
Then you should try a tool like GPS test from the play store.
Enable WiFi and cellular data and from inside the GPS Test app - clear agps settings and then update agps settings.
Might take a while but it normally works

I will try that thanks

I had No1 D5 before but it was stolen. So now looking for a new watch

@John_Lauridsen D5+? :slight_smile:

@John_Lauridsen I have zeblaze blitz…epic!!!

Gps test in view 12 in use 0.latest update.kernel 3.10.72 fri jul 8 2016

@sonia_sophie_ataunna yes.

John Lauridsen, I mean wait for the D5+ :slight_smile:

@sonia_sophie_ataunna ahh… Okay :blush: any idea about when this will be available?

i hope on august :slight_smile: i want to buy it too.

I got a nice specs