Anybody got the X5+ rooted?

Did anbody root the X5+ successfully and what tools did you use?
I am wondering if that helps with the unresolved battery draining issue.

Yes, I have rooted mine successfully using king root.
Then freezed ios push notifications and now I’m getting 35-40h as companion.

If you don’t mind your user data , IMEI, and a lot of other unknown data being sent to a server in China, feel free to use KingRoot. And it’s not like I have not repeatedly warned the community against using it, but who listens to developers or admins these days.

Data packet tracing of KingRoot  (read a couple comments down, even senior mods over on XDA know it steals data)

Yes, I know. But I don’t care about it I don’t use SIM card at all, even it I will it’s just my “companion” device without sensitive data.

I have the X5+. Just to clarify the companion thing. Are you saying if you root it you can use the watch has a companion to your phone, ie pick up calls ands texts without a sim in watch? Didn’t think this was possibe. Or have I misunderstood your use of the word companion?