any watch like Lem5 PRO, but with all functions working?

Hi, I’ve a Lem5 PRO, but … i’m gonna return it to Amazon (thanks Prime). As you know, bt calls are not working, and you need more than one app to get notifications … and the battery … and (not vital) need the possibility of change the strap.

I need a smartwatch, with notifications working as perfect as an Android Wear 2.0, but with Android 5.1 or higher.

Is there any Lem5 Pro like smartwatch with full working options?

Apr 16, 2018 15:00:34 GMT 1 juanmol said:

i do'nt know much about the lem5 pro but my kw99 works perfect for notifications, i do'nt use the bt calls app cos i use 3g for it, i also use m2d for notifications cos again it works with 3 connectivities but i have tried wiiwatch and it works perfect for notifications, battery life is great not just good, i also highly recommend the H2 it is even way better than the kw99, i heard the i4 air and pro are great choice my suggestion is to wait for the new models to come out they most likely be with A7.0 which has way better battery life.