Any interest in a lightly used Allcall W1?

Sadly, I need to part with my allcall W1.

I’ve been really happy with it, and I have zero complaints with the functionality or performance.

However, I have a recurring skin problem where I get an itchy rash from certain metals - and the pogo pins on the bottom of the W1 trigger this reaction with my skin.  I have tried using tiny stickers to cover the pins, but they don’t stay in place well, and it’s just kind of a dealkiller.

I know from past experience that the rash will get really gross eventually if I just ignore it, so I’ve just not been wearing the watch much.

If there is interest, I will post pics.  It’s not “like new” - you can tell it has been worn, but no damage, no scratches etc.  I have the original box, and will include not only the original but an extra charging cable.  However at this moment I’m not sure where the little manual is.

I’m in the US - so unfortunately I don’t think there is a reasonable way to ship it to most of the devs I’ve noticed here, but if stevef or ricktop or racka02 particularly want one to test on, I’m happy to find a way to get it to you.

Let me know if anyone has interest, and I will post pics and we can discuss price.  I’m not looking to get my total investment covered, but I’d like to get a bit for it.  I’m happy to let it go extra cheap to any of the devs on the site though, if it will help you with your development efforts.

Thanks for reading!

Could you link pics? I’d like to see how “lightly used” it is.