Any Ideas for a new watch?

Hi everyone! I hope everyone is getting well trough the pandemic and is safe! Its being a longer time I visited our Forum. Life is changing as you all know ^^ now i want to get a new smartwatch after this long time again. So if anyone can recommend me a durable good one for a price about 100-150 euro and without the flat tire or a bezel where numbers or soecond marks are on, that would be awesome. I am a bit outdated on this topic so i ask you for your recommendations. I found the allcall gt2 and i like how it looks. An othe question to the Mods. Are my faces still somewhere floating around on the Forum? I have no idea how to find them. Thanks for your help! Cheers

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CHeck the kospet prime 2 it is very recommendable and outstanding watch with 4gb ram 64 gg rom and 1600 mah battery with a flip 13 mp camera large 2.1 inch screen check it out


Nevermind about my old watchfaces from g+ its under my name Jurgen_Oberst ^^

Too big for my taste. Ill go with the lemfo lem 12 pro. Thanks anyway!


No problem lemfo lem 12 pro is also a very good watch indeed great choice

Excelente choice if you are really big person: big arms and big hands

More like a pocket watch :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: