any idea where to get the face in the group description ?

any idea where to get the face in the group description ?


Search for Data Center watchface… Google it!

That is a beautiful watchface. In my opinion its as good as it gets in terms of detail, quality and design. I believe it is no longer available. You may want to check with Lokifish Marz.

This face is the property of @Lokifish_Marz ​. If you can find it to download on google please let us know.

I downloaded it 2 weeks ago. There’s still a link out there.

Can you still find the link?

@Irving_Hernandez do u still have the link or the zip file ?

@Lokifish_Marz thanks for the clarification
I wonder if there is still a way to get the watchface appears in the photo?
I assure you I don’t work for finow or no.1 D5 or going to pass it to any of them :smiley: :smiley:

Hello everyone, I would add to the request, even I have tried a lot this Watchface, without finding a link where to download it.
I would be glad if someone can also send it in a private manner.
thank you

Ok… Patience
patience is a virtue at least

I found it in this forum:
Don’t remember the exact page. Maybe is a varation of the face You are looking for.

Can you share the zip file to me if you have it?

@Ahmed_Salah ​ Send me a private message.

@Irving_Hernandez I can’t … not sure why
can u?
or email me …

@Irving_Hernandez Ok - then I will ban you now for sharing copyrighted work which the author @Lokifish_Marz has just very clearly said that he does not want it shared. Good enough for you?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 No one shared anything… And I clearly said in my previous comment that I’ll wait… Patience is a virtue

@Ahmed_Salah I was talking to Irving Hernández

I understand
But with all honesty he didn’t send me anything…
Maybe he didn’t read previous comments

Good but I did not like the attitude - especially after being told the information by the author of the Image who also happens to be a senior moderator. It is a bad attitude.
I will also be seeking a cease and desist order on XDA and getting these files removed.
I’m sick of people just stealing our work.

Hi +Pablo Eleven, First of all I didn´t send files to anybody and told you where the links are. I´m finding your comments a little bit rude. Many of us are newbbies on this and do not have the intention to do any harm.