Antique watch with exposing gears

mtpagkatipunan-Entry No 3-Modern Classical-clock_skin_model


Good job looks great!,

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Thanks… It also will expose inside gears after a few seconds

@Mel_P. Mate, that is one of the coolest watch faces I have ever seen on the forum! :+1: It has everything that I like in a watch…classic design style…easy to read…love the way it exposes the inside gears…and then you have all that digital information as well! Just a fantastic face! Now Mel, I would like to ask just one question… How can this watch have all these “Features” Alternating faces…Moving gears and a digital style readout as well and yet NOT be for Universal launcher? I thought with all these features it would have to need UL?..Not that I am complaining Mel! I don’t use UL anyway. But if you can make feature filled faces like these that work with Standard launcher…why are other (Less feature packed) faces needing to run strictly on UL? Anyway Mel, many thanks for sharing this splendid face with us and I look forward to being able to use some of your other great designs ion Standard launcher! Cheers, Doons
P.S. Sorry about the long reply but I am confused (Some would say my natural state! :woozy_face: :crazy_face:) about how it can be so animated and not need UL.

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Didn’t utilized UL. It’s one of my entries in the recent Kospet Competition. Made and edited graphics using Adobe Photoshop. Didn’t use CFD either. I used MS text editor for coding xml. Then repeatedly uploaded the watchface on my Prime. Tested it until all is ok. Tell you what. Browse on Pinterest for graphics. If you see one… Look at it by placing imaginary disk (your watchface). Download the graphics and do your imagination. My watchface comes also with shortcuts. You can see it from the .xml files. All are commented for everyone to see how each prograam line works. It’s all in our imagination… We try to solve and overcome the limitations of the stock launchers. Will upload soon one and see how it works

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Hi Mel, many thanks for the explanation! :+1: Not being a designer myself (I did design one face, quite basic and it was my first and last effort) I don’t understand a lot of what you are saying in your explanation. But certainly I can appreciate the imagination that went into the watch…and as for " We try to solve and overcome the limitations of the stock launchers" Well Mel you can change that “Try” to “Succeed”! Cheers, Doons

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Just downloaded and found it’s second hand is going counter-clockwise, otherwise viola!

It’s rotating clockwise with me here… Do you have UL installed? Just change the dirrection to “1” or mulrotate to “1”

Simple…I imagined I want an antique watch…So, I looked around and found an antique watchface in Pinterest. Then I assembled the watch in Photoshop. Made an initial .xml code and uploaded it to my Prime, together with the watchface. Tested it until it’s working. Then I imagined I want it to show the inside rotating gears. So, I made a torn watchface and inserted the codes for rotating gears. Then I tought that it would also display digital time… I made the code for digital time…and remove the middle cover to display it. It would rotate from full cover, torn warchface and without cover…like I said it’s all in your imagination. Many are sharing their watchfaces with different kinds of animated display. Just learn from it. If it animates using UL, Just think of a way how it can be done by utilizing only the limitations of a stock launcher.

Mine showed the digital display once then no more. Shame because it truely is an amazing and different watch face.

Will try it on my Lem X once it arrives, but on the Kospet Prime is as described above

Digital diisplay will appear once for 1 minute, then reappear again thereafter. (i.e. at 0 min. 10, 20, 30…)