Another quickie for the LEM X

Another quickie for the LEM X. Just to forget the -2°C infront of my door…
Works with all launchers on each device.


Download: - Google Drive

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Got it! Thank you! Looks so good on my lem x… Lem x need more like this. I donno this is my first smart watch and love it… Already loved the watch… Then the update came and then… I stumbled upon this community! WHAT A RUSH! I hope you guys don’t go anywhere… But if you do, wherever you go… Please take me with you! :grin::pray:My friends who have apples and galaxy watches all seem to be amazed by it and saying they’d prefer this. (I donno the difference) but I’d imagine there’s going to be more buying them.

Thanks, I’m using the face on a full circle screen watch, please can you add a small battery gauge or maybe move the date to the bottom blank area for us non lemx users. Good job.

@Chris_Wheeler Sorry, but this face is for the LEM X. It wouldn’t be fair to add a battery gauge in the area of the flat tire, because this would mean that there is a funktion that couldn’t be used at the LEM X. And I could not find a place for it.
But- Feel free to add a battery gauge and publish it here. It’s not so hard.

@G1NT0N1C -2c hence your name. I would need that to warm me up. :slight_smile:

@A_Kinsella sometimes it helps… :wink: