Another problema that I have with my Finow:

Another problema that I have with my Finow: When I want to make a call it doesn’t connect (it says ‘mobile network not available’). What should I do? Thanks!

You need a valid imei no to be written to your x5. For that dial “#111#” go to menu options to write a new valid imei from any old unused mobile handset.

#111# then GPRS Option. Write IMEI

What is the csd number?

Let it remain what is showing. No change

I can’t make it work :frowning:

Same problem i had but my watch is working with sim… this method works… actually the imei installed in the watch is restricted by the network providers in your nation. U need just the right imei.

So I just have to continue inserting IMEI numbers until I find the right one?

After u write new imei plz reboot watch and c that new imei is showing by typing *#06#

I have the same problem, but with a NO1 D5. I have followed you description, but I can not find GPS, just got YGPS.
Do I put an “old” imei number manually from an old phone.
If I request the imei number , there is no imei number number filled in. Or should I use a other method???
Please, like a solution to the phone portion to get them going.
Thank you very much. (Sorry for my bad English)

@Peter_The_Brook It’s GPRS in telephony

Yes its GPRS

@Ayush_Narang + Junaid Siddiqui

When I writhe IMEI key, then I get the following message: Fail to write IMEI due to radio unavailable or somthing else.

Who knows what may be the problem.

Yes, I have the same problem. I am getting frustrated with my watch. I can’t use it as a standalone watch, I can’t connect it with my phone. For now it’s just a regular watch with a lot of watchfaces… Do someone knows if there is a rom or a firmware update that fixes some of these problems?

@Peter_The_Brook ​. Plz download app called MTK Engineering mode from play store and check that your radio is in On state or Off state. If it is off then tap on it to turn on. Send its screen shot here…

I now go with holiday, hope to come back to that later.

+Junaid Siddiqui. I have installed MTK Engineering Mode and The radio is in ON mode.
There is no imei number , and i don’t no how to het one .
( The imei number is blank )

Get the imei from other handset not in use…write that imei using “#111#” exclude double quotes…this is the last resort i tried n got success…

@Junaid_Siddiqui I have no spare handset, how can i get a IMEI number…or anyone have a solution of the problem.??
( Please with an How TO.)

I resolved the problem. Please you have to contact +Jessie Lin. She gave me the solution to the problem, and is very easy! I don’t know if I can publish here so please send her a message and she will help you. Good luck!