Another one i just cant stop hehe.

Another one i just cant stop hehe. Megir White Replica interpretation i call it marina blue. If somethingwrong tell me i can fix it. Would be nice if someone can upload a foto on a 400x400 screen. Thanks and have fun and enjoy!!


thank you, very impressive!

Nice work! Just a little suggestion about the weather display:

  • Instead of blue, can it be some other color with better contrast (e.g. bright gray?)
  • Maybe using another font type that matches the rest of the watch face?

@Derek_Kwan i will have a look at that when i have time. Greets!

@Derek_Kwan try this.

@Jurgen_Oberst Sorry for the late reply. Tried V2, I like the weather icon color. But for the temperature display, may need to shift a bit to the left. About half of the “C” was covered.
And for the ‘large’ second hand, if it is grey instead of blue like the original watch, it will bland in even better. Thanks again!