Another hardware mod with the strap.

Another hardware mod with the strap.

Yesterday I take out my D5 watch and the strap just broke. It was unusable and there is no way to fix it. So I see the strap mods and I try to replace the broken one with a generic one.

Tools used:
new strap 22mm


It was pretty easy if you do things with calm. Be carefull when taking the antennas out and once done it’s easy to remount all. I will change the way that the antennas are glued to the new strap, but by now it works flawlessly.

Excellent work :slight_smile:

wow and where you bought new straps from?

really nice work, i tried to take out the battery and it broke:\

Me too​:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:
I broke the connector of my battery.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna , I’m praying that my belt does not broke, but if it does, I will document everything else for can all do make the same. I think it will not be very difficult if we are calm, patience and a little imagination. But good job.

@Shalin_Nagpal_TechA2 From a place where watches are repaired, (don’t know the english word), but any common 22mm strap will work

To anyone that has the connection broken. Take the clock to any mobile phone repair place and they should fix it in some minutes.

@Luis_Cuervo nice report on your work :+1:
Could help a lot of people.
Especially the X3+ watch owners. Looks like the strap has a habit of breaking - even though it’s new!