Android Wear on Full Android Watches...A dream

Android Wear on Full Android Watches…A dream

may our dream come true :slight_smile:

I read an article saying that this is technically a no-go.

why would you want AW on these watches? it does’nt give you more or something better than these watches, if i thought so i would have gone with AW watches. these watches does’nt get much attention of apps developers if they did it would have been better choice on any other smartwatches and in my opinion they are.

AW watches are too expensive as compared to Full Android watches.

Aw only for 1 reason

Answer all kind of message in bluethoot tethering

@Fabio you can do that with M2D

@sonia_sophie_ataunna really? WhatsApp?

@sonia_sophie_ataunna and Can you answer to a WhatsApp?

Enabling wifi, and wifi tethering, if I remenber? The real problem remain in this the huge battery draining.

WiFi?.. No no i want only bluethoot

No way I fear

I learn how to create and app and I’ll develope it

Between m2d and swapplink and you have nearly everything you want from an Android Wear watch. You could say that the only thing left is the optimization that the apps have for round smartwatches.

@Andrea_Lepore Who has more battery drain in this case?Who give the data or Who receive it?

@Fabio Hope you could make it. To have only one app that could include all the options of both swapp link and m2d would be awesome.

@Diego_Torres ​​@sonia_sophie_ataunna ​​ thanks!!!..and only bluethoot…not tethering

When you have it share it :wink:

I don’t think it will work with only Bluetooth - but I could be wrong…

@Fabio , Pablo Eleven is right it will work only with bt tethering or wifi for now it does’nt work with 3g. I was needed to be more clear:)