Android v Wear os

Hi guys,
I have just ordered a lemfo lem9 after years of wear os watches.
Can anyone tell me if there is anything I will lose for eg.
Can I still receive messages and reply from my watch using only Bluetooth to phone.
I will not be installing a SIM card to the watch

Yes and no . I would personally use a earlier version of " Watch Droid " to give you the best features .

Use version 9.1



To be honest with you this function is not supported at all without a sim card.
You have to consider the watch to be exactly the same as a regular mobile phone in this regard.
It functions in exactly the same way for communication.

As Tim mentioned above, you can try third party apps like Watch Droid but as for stock functionality it is not a standard function.

These watches really are designed to use a sim card for communication and since Google has changed Android security - it is becoming harder and harder to use any app that requires access to SMS contacts or the phone dialler app.

I recommend that try using a sim card and see how it goes.


Thanks guys,
I really don’t want to pay for another SIM card when I have one already in my phone.
I do understand that the watch is a stand alone android device.
What I would like is to be able to look at my watch when I receive a text message, what’s app message, Facebook message, and reply. Also to see who is calling my phone even though I know I can’t answer or make calls.
Would installing a launcher or third party app allow this?
What does connecting my watch to my phone with Bluetooth allow me to do?
Also my main use is fitness tracker, I walk 6-9 miles daily and like to keep a log. Would google fit work with the gps?

Thanks in advance

Hi paul , as i said earlier i would install the earlier version of watch droid and you can reply to texts and a few other bits but not everything . I dont think you will get much better . Try watch droid and wiiwatch and see what you prefer . Using these watches as a fitness tracker can be hit and miss . Good days and bad days depending on the gps locking quick or not ? I use runmeter but again not perfect like the others. Its a yes to google fit but never used it . Thanks

That’s great, thanks for replying, should be arriving today so I can play with it and see.
Is it the same for all these watches for eg I was also looking at the Optimus pro

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This applies to all new android phones running 7.1 . Thanks

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Hey tim actually you should use version the 9.0 version of watch droid to get all of its features. 9.1 disabled some of the calling features.

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My apologies , I am on V.9 :grin:

Just , checked . I thought it was pretty damn good :wink:

Is it possible to get a duplicate SIM from your vendor and put one in your watch too? The SIM vendor may have a small one-time fee for it. However, be forewarned that using two SIMS in different devices without paying for the service will probably flag your account with them and make the SIMS inoperable.