Android 11 is here! Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro and LEM16 Z40 models

Yeah, I understand.
I recommend it because it has better location services because it can run our custom firmware.
I don’t care about the camera personally because I don’t use it.
The battery size is indeed impressive.

If this doesn’t work for you, maybe look for a LEM15 which can also run our firmware…
I say this because you want good location services.

Anyway, I strongly recommend that you read up on the devices released in the last 18 - 24 months.
Plenty of data to go through :+1:

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Thank you! I went to LEM15 thread and some users had troubles with GPS/battery. Also, I can’t see current shop listings with normal prices (I mean around $200).

I liked to have Android watch becasue I could easily install offline topo maps but now I guess I will have to wait for something decent to appear. I wish I could install/sideload Osmand on Android Wear but I couldn’t find anybody on the web who tried to do it.

Hi Pablo, could you tell me where to buy a “glass” screen protector for my Lemfo Lem 16? I decided to put it on but better late than never… Possibly you can direct me to the well-known Chinese site where I have already been shopping for years. Thank you

It took me 17 seconds to find a match on Aliexpress. Do you need help with this??? And best of all, those from @pablo11??? We’re always happy to help, but I do require a bit of initiative. That’s why I won’t share my search hit with you.


Maybe I expressed myself badly, my right question would have been whether any of you could have recommended a “well-made” screen saver rather than any one that doesn’t even fit well on the screen or that comes off the screen after a few days. However, I find your intervention so aggressive towards me out of place. I asked Pablo because he knows watches very well but my question was also aimed at others. There are people who ask even more banal questions and no one tells them not to ask. I have always behaved like a polite person, your answer is not good! Good day!

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My answer wasn’t rude at all. However, I understand that you don’t like it. I don’t think there are any differences in quality here either.
I think that if you feel it is necessary in this case, you should address your question to the forum. We currently have around 22,000 members. We moderators cannot answer all questions, this is simply not possible.
Of course, there are questions that we can best answer. But the question of display protection is not one of them.
Anyway, I didn’t want to upset you. If this was the case, I hereby apologize.
But I hope that you can now understand my point of view.

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you could have expressed your point of view in a more polite way “according to my point of view!” I repeat that my question was asked to all the members and even more so to Pablo but I did not “cite” him as a direct interlocutor and then you moderators are not obliged to answer, I can also wait for the answer from someone else. I’ve been on this forum for almost a year, I didn’t arrive yesterday, I know you also have to wait for a response! I appreciate your apologies but it’s of little use if you don’t enter the purchase link now. Thank you if you do. :+1:

Just type in on the “well known Chinese site” glass screen protector for Lemfo Lem16,they also sell them on Ebay ,and Amazon you can find them almost anywhere!!!


Or even better, search “best quality 1.6” round screen glass protector "
Because the most common size is 1.6" and there are many good choices.
Personally, I don’t use them.
Good luck @Bettuccio2 :+1:

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ok, I found one on Amazon that is 100% compatible with my screen.


Hello everyone, I managed to return my Lemfo lem16 which was defective with firmware 1.5. But I already picked up another Z40 smartwatch that has firmware 1.6 and I’ve been testing it quite well for a month. Everything works perfectly but the sleep function doesn’t record anything, it always gives 0.0, I don’t know why or if I’m doing something wrong. I have tested the watch as 4G and as Sports Mode but the result is the same. It also doesn’t have automatic health monitoring like my other Huawei Watch GT3 Pro that I have, which is truly perfect. Any ideas or extra applications to achieve this? Thanks and regards

Sleep monitoring is reported working on v1.6.
If you update to v1.6 you will not be able to downgrade after.
You also need to make a factory reset after updating.

PS, never buy a watch for health monitoring or sports activity monitoring.
There are plenty of devices out there that are made for that purpose.
However, also remember that none are certified as health monitoring devices.
So don’t get hung up with health / sports monitoring.
Words to live by :+1:


This is a reminder for all the non members who keep asking for the firmware.
Please take note from the very first post.
This applies to all the firmware and related files available here on this forum:

@pablo11 seems to have misread my previous message. I have a Z40 with firmware version 1.6. It comes like this from the factory. I haven’t updated anything and the sleep detection feature doesn’t seem to work since I took it out of the box. Any ideas? Thanks and regards

Update firmware to latest version and FACTORY reset. It will then work :+1:

I’m sure you wont need to go back to a older firmware

@jalg If you are on V1.6, a downgrade is not possible. But you might try a factory reset.

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It already came from the factory like this, without the sleep detection function working. I have reset it twice and it always shows the same number of hours 0.00h. I think we will have to wait for a new firmware to correct this.

If you are still having problems with the firmware that came on the watch, have you spoken to the vendor you purchased from?
It is true that you can’t flash anything lower than v1.6.
A factory reset is good enough, rather than trying to flash v1.6 again.

In the mean time, please contact the seller and I will check if any updated firmware is available.

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Tried posting and got and error both in reply, and as a new general topic…

Have invested in a Rocketbook Mini with a wallet case, and I’m looking to offload the phone from my other pocket.

Wondering which of the current smartwatches potentially best suits the use case, and is okay setting up custom Termux script widgets to output text information related to my RB Mini notes.

Not sure what the firmware status is here, but a reasonably up to date device is also always preferred.

Camera needs to capture handwritten text clearly, other than that, I have a Nikon for real photos.

Looking for one with a decent camera compatible with the Rocketbook document scanning app.

Rocketbook “pages” has free PDFs to download and test for 8.5x11. There is also a GitHub project with a 3x5 template comparable to the RB Mini size… Short of paying $10-20.

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I don’t normally look at PMs.