Android 11 is here! Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro and LEM16 Z40 models

Wow, someone is impatient :rofl:
By the way, if you have WiFi enabled and your watch is charged, why can’t you get the OTA…?
Are you based in China by any chance?

PS - that means no more emails @Qinwenxuan
Use the forum as it is meant to be used.
We are on holidays at the moment and we will respond when we can.
We don’t get paid for this, it’s a hobby.
I hope you understand.


As I posted about around a month ago, I’m still trying to get audio prompts from the Garmin Connect app via the LEM16’s loudspeaker, but still without success.

I looked at the LEM16’s ‘Text-To-Speech’ setting, which does not do anything on my watch when selected. It’s path is:

Settings/System/Languages & Input/Text-To-Speech Output.

Can someone please check if this ‘Text-To-Speech’ setting does anything on their LEM16?


’ Text to Speech ’ is ok on Lem 16 but if you want vocal notification for the Apps install

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I tried the app you suggested, thank you, but whilst it worked fine on my phone, on the LEM16 under the ‘Check And Set Vocalizations’ setting the language cannot be changed, it will only show ‘???_???’.

As I previously mentioned, the ‘Text-To-Speech’ button on my LEM16 does not do anything, whereas it should bring up various Text-To-Speech settings.

My conclusion (so far) is that the software version (mentioned in my post above a month ago) is defective and requires fixing - unless someone can tell me otherwise?

So far I can’t say I’m very impressed with the LEM16. :frowning:

Further to my post above, I’ve discovered that settings appear when the Text-To-Speech button is pressed, but only when certain languages are selected; unfortunately English is not one of them.

Hi i haved the same problem with the Google TTS engine since an update of this, the Google TTS is bugged. i have resolved this bug by simply uninstall the TTS and install only the first and basic version, after that Pelix voice notification is able to use the TTS engine and work like a charm… Dont forget to do not update TTS engine anymore !


IF you have the time why not post a quick tutorial of how to do this for users ? I appreciate you might not have the time


A tutorial for that ? It’s only when you need to use the app Pelix Notify or FNR mentionned above who is unable to use the Google TTS engine correctly. To do that it’s simple : from the watch go to the play store and on your account choose manage apps, select Speech recognition and synthesis and uninstall, that’s reset the TTS engine from the base, do not update it after; Now the Pelix notify reader can use the TTS engine. I hope to be clear and sorry for my English, i’m French…


Thanks very much, that solved the problem!

I had become convinced that the watch’s Android 11 software was causing the problem.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, but it’s not the A11 software of the watch who cause the problem but the Google TTS engine himself !

Thanks and thanks for the explanation. This will be usefull to members

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I @pablo11 is this watch a full Android that allows to transfer faces from the computer?

Z40 models like Lokmat APPLLP 4 Pro and LEM16? Yes, this watches are full android and it’s possible to transfer watchfaces from the computer.

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Yep, as @G1NT0N1C says.
We’ve tested them and they are fine.

hi everyone!
ive recently got back into smartwatches after my zgpax s8 modded with a 64gb sd died after MANY years of service as my work mp3 player.
i replaced it with a very cheap ebay new old stock zgpax s99 (very poor bluetooth) and a few months ago replaced that with a very cheap second hand Zeblaze Thor PRO 3G which im pretty happy with as it has a solid bluetooth connection and has held up to the beatings of a very physical job in a very harsh environment (Steel Caster), this will stay my daily driver while at work but…
I decided to treat myself to something a little more cutting edge for a daytime wearable and ordered a lem16 with powerbank!
One of the main things im interested in is home automation and have been tinkering with home assistant and was wondering if anyone has any experience with the lem16 and homeassistant?
Anyways ill update when its actually on my wrist! :smiley:

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Moved to the correct thread to ensure that most people see it.


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Hi, you have a great support here! Maybe products are not exactly top shelf but it’s great to have community like this. I remember Pablo from the last (Round Watches?) website. I doubt any top brand like Huawei has guys as dedicated as him in their support team.

I used a couple of FAW for the last 10 years. They made quite a progress during this time. The last watch I had was LEM X but recently it died (strange battery leak caused a short circuit - I found it after praying watch open). I’m considering buying Lem16 or Lokmat so I read almost entire thread but I didn’t find definite answer to my question. I would be grateful if you cleared this out.

I use FAW for mainly for two things: phone connectivity and offline GPS navigation/tracking. There are two main challenges for these watches:: battery and GPS signal reception.

My typical usage scenario is: SIM card on (usually 2g) and GPS on (device only) with Osmand maps running in the background (recording gpx track). I usually don’t talk and occasionally I check position. It also records gpx track. I used to get up to 7 hours from full charge on Lem X. Lem X was also able to get GPS fix in device only mode (in 1 to 10 minutes). In the forest GPS precision deteriorated with watch on the wrist. My question: How does it compare to Z40 models? Is it better or worse?

If you have a dependancy for offline GPS, then the Kospet Optimus 2 with our own international firmware is probably better than the Z40.
In my opinion anyway.
Also has a large battery capacity, more than the Z40.
Being an MTK chipset, it is just easier to manage.

However, Android 10 is as far as it goes.

The Z40 is a Unisoc chipset and runs Android 11.

So with this in mind and after reading the support threads for both models, I hope this helps you make a decision.

Nice to hear from you after so long :+1:



Thanks Pablo, I will consider it. I read the other thread where there was consensus that Kospet Optimus 2 is currently best FAW on the market. However it looks like overkill to have moving camera mounted on the watch. To add insult to injury it’s connected by a ribbon which can cause leakage.

These fancy watches can look good for a kid but don’t look serious on the wrist of an adult. I always wonder why they can’t make simple, straight designs like Huawei watch or Galaxy but add some fancy shapes. Why to draw dials on the bezel? Isn’t one camera more than enough? Heart rate monitor, blood oxygen? I never even once used them. I will know when I’m dead. Until then I can hear my pulse in my head. I would love to have good IP waterproof instead.

I’m sorry that I’m venting here and normally I would think that I’m a jerk demanding from smartwatch simple looks but top brand sell them so why can’t we? I like looks of Lem 10. Why can’t they make something like that but with modern hardware inside?

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