Android 11 is here! Finally - A new Full Android Watch has landed

Indeed, if it is ready, why not just make it available…
The developers must be enough proof, that if they fixed stuff, then there WAS stuff to fix…
They could simply ask them whether they found real problems…


A factory reset is not mandatory, but the advice from the solution guys is to reset it

Yes, but it is not a free service…
So a factory will not release it if end users are happy.

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I have to admit, I’m struggling with this one.
The situation has changed since new people have taken over…
They want proof that it is worth it for them.

I would appreciate all your feedback about where to put the spreadsheet access.
Do you think it should be in this thread?
Or should I open a new thread, just for this spreadsheet?

@SmartWatch_Ticks I know we have discussed this, but what do you think?

Either top of thread or dedicated thread. Perhaps consider limited access to that new thread, request based or forum level.


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Seems a good idea to keep the spreadsheet associated with this thread, perhaps linked at the beginning, as it applies to all Android 11 watches now and in the future. It also ties in with the comments here as well.

It’s really sad to see a de-evolution of business practices to be reactive and wait for enough complaints to fix things than being responsive and strive for continual product improvement. If there were real market competition between WearOS based watches, Apple Watches, and Android Watches, perhaps there would be stronger motivation toward resolving issues, but apparently not yet, as evidenced by the current situation and need for this spreadsheet as end user validation.


I haven’t contacted them because I understood the bugs were being corrected. If they still won’t release the update after all your efforts I will definitely make a stink about it.

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There is no point in doing that because the brands don’t know about the update.

The factory does.

But because no one has complained to the brands, they have not reported any problems to the factory.

So, what I was saying is that we need to make this list of issues and show it to the brands.
They can then show this to the factory.
The factory needs to get feedback from its customers and it’s customers are lemfo and Lokmat.

You are right @Bozley and I thought my feedback to the solution provider would be enough.
But it seems that it needs a more rigorous approach.
So I will get the process started.


Ok everyone - I have attempted to create a shared document that we can all us.
Here is the link and I will add it to the main top post:

Please add your input.
This is important.
If you have same issue as reported in the sheet - please say so.
We need as much feedback as possible from as many as possible.
If you have issues - let me know.
Please respect the document because otherwise we are all wasting our time.
@SmartWatch_Ticks please add anything you feel appropriate.

If it looks strange, it is because most cells have text wrap enabled.
If you find that your line of text is going across the border lines - you should be able to use text wrapping.
If not, I will clean it up later.


By the way, please include issues like not being able to use Google calendar and other apps that have custom system apps set as default.
BT tethering issues - with some background information.
Cellular signal issues.
Apps that use the storage issues.
Raise to wake issue
All the stuff you have reported is useful.

Thanks again :handshake:


Thanks for adding some details - but please add either forum username or Order Number.
Order number is better because they can see that you are a real person.
Remember - they don’t get much opportunity to visit sites like this due to Web restrictions - so checking usernames exist is not going to be easy…


I’m hoping to share this document in the next couple of days because it is affecting the release of any fixed firmware.
If you want to PM me your order number - I will go through this thread and add your reports about problems to the spreadsheet.

I also want to say that if you see the problem has already been added to the spreadsheet - PLEASE ADD IT AGAIN.

Because this is real end user feedback, it helps to show that people are having the same problem.

Reporting everything is important.

Even simple things like not being able to install Google calendar.
Landscape photos…
Not being able to adjust settings that are normally available in Android - but have been removed from this firmware.
Screen formatting problems.
Accessibility menu not visible.
Notification issues.
Gesture settings and problems.
Storage issues - like forcing USB storage to be mounted automatically when you connect to a PC.
Instead of using the the connected devices settings for USB to enable it (which is missing).

How about having a choice about the tethering app that you use…?
How frustrating is it that you need to use an app that could be storing your data in some very questionable places…?
Surely this should be a choice for the customer to enable or disable…?

Consider this to be your opportunity to give your opinion about all aspects of the watch.

I don’t mind putting your comments into the spreadsheet, but I would appreciate the order numbers to put beside it.
As I said before, they are not going to come on here and go through all 460+ posts to verify details.

The bottom line is that this is a great device and it is a good opportunity to get these little bugs dealt with :+1::handshake::handshake:


I will add my findings, but I am away for the weekend since Friday, so I can’t sit comfortably and give a thorough report before I am back. Just that you know it is not unwillingness and I appreciate our opportunity to give feedback :ok_hand:


Very much appreciated.
Worth waiting for so I will hang on for a bit longer, thanks @Dotsfar :handshake:

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@StormChild please pm me your order number…
Thanks :+1:

Will this come to mtk devices? Can we change imei for unisoc cpu?



As I said in reply to your other post in the Prime 2 section - No.
You would need to find out by researching on the Web

@mgk do you use a metal strap on your watch?

My LOKMAT APPLLP 4 Pro arrived a week ago. Excellent watch! Battery, responsiveness, network and gps signal, all excellent! The only negative i found is that the watch kills 3d party apps, when the screen is turned off. I hope it will be fixed soon.