And some more.

And some more.

Hi, i want to know, is possible connect the watchmaker app with the smartwatch?

No won’t work although , you just gave me an idea as that has a widget maker as well will try now :+1:

No luck with the live wallpaper, any one have any idea why live wallpapers won’t work on these watches ?

So, how you put other faces in the smartwatch? What app you use? Thanks…

you can use for example Nova launcher and app Swapp link. Swapp link can use faces from Facer. newest version you can download here

@weakCZ nice work mate :slight_smile: But - is it ok to post a link to the beta version here? Did you get permission from them?

@weakCZ done all that but how do I use facer for watch faces, I can use swaplink watches but that’s all, do I need facer on the watch ?

No i didnt get permission. If its a trouble then i am apologizing.

@weakCZ I don’t know if it’s a problem or not. Just asking you to check with the developer. It should be ok he and Loki are old friends but we mustn’t take it for granted … So maybe just ask Cyril is all I meant

He is here