Almost two weeks with the KW88, recognized errors: 1.

Almost two weeks with the KW88, recognized errors:

  1. When Watch restart:
    a) TimeZone will be forgotten
    b) Menu language will be forgotten
  2. When closing all tasks the watch begin to flicker (the picture with the water appear) and don´t go back to Watchface (must restart).
  3. wireless receiving very weak
  4. bluetooth and iphone don´t work together (today, in the future perhaps)

But :slight_smile: without bluetooth and wireless on, the battery is great. Almost 3 days without charge (look about 15 Times á day an the watch to see the time). Watchface is cronosurf beta.

Factory reset the watch and see if the memory issues disappear. Extremely good battery life though …

With wireless and BT off…do you have a sim in the watch for data or are you using it without data connection?

No Sim, no wireless, no Bluetooth. 2 2/3 Days without a data connection. I never want to use the watch with a simcard, only with my iPhone. But with the sinwear app it is impossible. So i use the watch as a watch :smiley::smiley:.

Thomas, could you please measure the exact width of the watchband for me? I’d like to order one of the butterfly clasps. Smartwatch ticks says in his video it’s 23 mm, but the clasps are only available in 22 and 24mm. Just want to be sure.

Mine is 24mm. Exactly with caliper 23,53 - 23.76mm,

Thank you Thomas. I’ve updated the specsheet.

Any ideas gents , how much battery life u get if only used as slave for ur andriod phone

Not so easy to say . It depends on whether 5/50 or 500 messages per day will get or how often the display comes on.

how i can reset my kw88?
because i have screens problem