After getting a tip from Mr.

After getting a tip from Mr. Smartwatch Ticks ( that he found a new Android watchface app, I immediately tested it with the following goals in mind:

1: If the watch is activated, this watchface app should be shown on the screen.
2: I need to be able to exit the app and return to the Installed Android launcher
3: I have to be able to return to the watchface easily from the launcher.
4: The installment needs to be independent of the watchface app installed, so any future apps can be utilized instead.

As you can see from the video above it works like a charm.

Needed apps:
Tasker :
Home 2 Shortcut :
Twisted Launcher :
Nova Launcher :
Cronosurf :

In Tasker set: Display On -> start Cronosurf

I’m currently doing some tests on how high the battery load is of Tasker and Cronosurf.

wow good… but…
Seems difficult to set off the …
I hope want you to show you how to set up a movie.

coronosurf pro 받아서 바로 실행하시면 됩니다

Step guide will follow, need some time to do this. Wanted to get the word out first. it was such a good news.
Also Cronosurf has contacted me, very open company. I’ll bet they are as enthusiastic as I am about this.
Maybe they start building a customizable watch app???

it works also without install any other launcher…adds other profile to tasker for launch it whenever you want!!!

@Fabio Correct, but I like to have the real android experience available underneath the clock :wink:

@Hyuk_jun_Choi 아 그부분 말고 런처랑 다른 세팅 부분을 원한거예요… 그거 설치하면 바로 실행만 하면 되는거라 이미 사용 중이구요 ^^

@Hyuk_jun_Choi 그리고 키보드 어떤거 사용하세요? 전 커 키보드 사용중입니다. 거기서 좌우 아래 여백을 주면 쓰기 좋은 키보드가 나와요~

@Kenneth_Tan I can’t setting…
In Tasker set: Display On -> start Cronosurf
Display On is disable…

Hyuk jun Choi Please write in English, your comments are translated in unreadable text.

@Kenneth_Tan he sad to me
download coronosurf pro and install
and run

@1114 ???

@Kenneth_Tan good luck with this conversation …lol

Allora io parlò italiano!!!
(so I speack italian)

@Fabio ha ha ha

Hi @Kenneth_Tan ​, did you get any conclusion yet about battery consumption when using Cronosurf as “watchface”?
In my watch (D5) I noticed the percentage attributed to Cronosurf is very low. But I also noticed an increase on the percentage of “Android System”. Not sure if it’s related to Cronosurf tough.
But, as it has no lags, I imagine it updates the hands while the screen is off, what should drain battery, right?

I’m very pleased with the battery use of @Cronosurf_Watches ​​. It has an unnoticeable impact on my smartwatches. Iqi i2 and kw88.
Both run over 1 1/2 day with average watch use and wifi on. No sim inserted BT off.

tasker display on option is need rooting kw88?

how rooting to kw88

@1114 No Tasker Display On is a non-root parameter