After disabling the 'tilt'/'raise arm' sensor on my KW88 I experienced a noticeable increasing

After disabling the ‘tilt’/‘raise arm’ sensor on my KW88 I experienced a noticeable increasing battery life.
I don’t know if it’s the sensor or a lot of unnoticed screen turn ons, that consume the power, but assuming it’s the sensor, I was wondering if it is possible to make a watchface that blink - maybe a dutycycle of 30% every second - and thereby make it more power efficient.
And combine it with the ‘always on’ setting for the display.

Another observation on the KW88;
It seems to me that the dark/black part of the display has a red glow. Is an AMOLED supposed to do that? I thought that the concept was that only the visible pixels are turned on, which makes the technology power efficient. Am I wrong? Any good explanations?

Hello I guess yes you are right about the hand bright screen on that it’ll increase the battery life of our KW88, one thing I do not like about is ,is that I want to see the chosen watch face everytime I tilt my hand to have a glance on the time not the same old digital style that Kingswear provided.