Admire your work and creativity guys.

Admire your work and creativity guys. But the D5 has a costum watchface which shows the weather prediction at the hour marks. Is it possible to incorporate this feature in your creations?

N1!.D5 with hourly wx forecast! Not to create in custom faces???
missing/deleted image from Google+

I can’t find this watch face anywhere. And hourly weather forecast? How does it work?

It is a standard face on the D5. There is a connection between the this and the standard wx app (accuweather) it updates regularly.
I wondered why this verry useful featere can not be incorparated in custom faces.

Can you extract it from the stock firmware? I don’t know how it works.

University and university of live learned me a lot but in this area I am a NONO sorry.

:slight_smile: Thanks anyway.