Added Clock Faces showing up Twice! Don't know why?

Hi, I have a KW88 with the latest Bluetooth Firmware.

And when I add New Clock Faces in the clockskin directory sometimes they show up twice!

This happens with Faces I downloaded, as well as ones I created with “WatchFaceDesigner”.

Anyone know what might be causing this?


That’s an Old bug, have you updated your FW ?

Hi ricktop and thanks,

Yes i have updated the firmware, I am using the Bluetooth Firmware that Pablo11 organized.

It is “KW88_CS1_B_GSM_PHT_20-BT.171109”

Should that be doing it?



I just reinstalled the Firmware (pablo11’s Bluetooth of 201711090 and it is still the same.

I had also made a simple clockface and added it to the clockskin directory, and as you will see in the attached picture, it shows up twice when I change clock screens.

Please, has anyone got any idea why this happens?

Please help me.




Thank’s ricktop,

That’s great! it works like a treat, it was really annoying.

I appreciate your help.