About clock skins, I wonder if in the xml code of the Rolex Gmt

About clock skins, I wonder if in the xml code of the Rolex Gmt I attach in the picture, is possible to add a comand to the script in a way that the green Gmt arrow at 11,00 red, can show a different time (for example 6 hours backs, i.e. 5,00 blue).
… Or if there is a command in the D5 watch to set two different timezones visible when you use a clock skin like the one in the picture.

Thanks Lokifish. I will try, hoping not to mess things up.

Just to make sure: the code for the arrow in my picture is as follows: hand_gmt.png
7 … What figure do I have to place instead of 7 to move it back by 6 hours on the “24 hours blue and red” circle? Thanks in advance.

To be more precise, full code for watch face in the picture is the following…

What do I have to change in the code to get the GMT arrow (hand_gmt.png<) 6 hours back (or 9 hours back)?

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> watch_panel.png day_array.xml 4 99 hand_h.png 1 hand_m.png 2 hand_gmt.png 7 hand_s.png 3 glass.png 99 -97 -18

Thank you in advance for your help.

Very nice watch face. Can you post a link to this clockskin? Thanks!

Sure. Try this link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7Pb2_pDHfjLRHZoYUVYODhsODQ/view

Thanks, Lokifish! I appreciate your help.

@Jeff_Jackson that skin was released by me specially for this community, look under “Custom Faces” section :wink:

Great job indeed, Jeff! I love it.