* A Real Better Companion App * (Swap) As I told a couple of

  • A Real Better Companion App * (Swap)

As I told a couple of weeks ago… I took from a drawer my old full-Android smartwatch (SmartQ Z Watch) to play with it… I realized that it’s companion app is MUCH better than this one (even after 3 years)…

With this companion you can do:

  • Take/reject calls from phone (you can not talk through watch)
  • Notification: You can get notifications from all apps, with it’s logo and you can read the whole text. You also can go to Notification app to see old notifications that are stored by app and read them again.
  • Shot Remote: the best and fastest I’ve ever tried
  • calls log
  • SmS. You can answer with a quick phrase
  • Remote music and volumen
  • Remote weather
  • Remote contacts
  • Find phone/watch feature
  • Remote battery

All under Bluetooth

I extracted both the launcher (for me is much more useful than ours. You can add whatever widget you want) and the companion app to install them in my K9. I was able to install the launcher but it needs more files to make it work properly but I was not able to install de companion due to it gave me an error message.

I attach the apks for someone who can modify to make it work and want to try another better companion App. I think could be very nice for all who want to use the watch as a companion one.


  • MessageCenter: The app for the watch
  • Companion app for the phone: GooglePlay: SpeedUp SmartWatch


  • Launcher
  • WatchWidgets: The watchfaces of the launcher

And here the whole ROM: https://mega.co.nz/#!XtZFBKrY!J-sKbvwyfjd1ordFv2W7t7j5feext8UwcG3eZTer6E8

I can see only the link to the watchwidget apk

sorry, wrong link. Updated

I have attached a link for the whole ROM too

I have put to ROM just in case the person who wants to do this needs more files, but the main reason for this post is the compain app.


Thanks very much for this. I’m gonna pull it apart :slight_smile:

I hope someone can bear us a hand with this.