A question about digit animation

I’ve got a pretty good idea for a “Lixie” watch. As the original clock uses panels of Plexi that get lit up from front to back as the digits progress from 0 to 9(or 5, in the case of the 10s place and 1 or 2 for the hours 10s place), I wanted to replicate that. My biggest issue comes with a little flair going from 9, 5 or 2(1) back to 0. In many Lixie clocks, the clock will quickly light up the digits backwards as it cycles back to 0. I can forgo the flair, if need be, but I was trying to keep it in. The colon in the middle can just be a static 2-second on-off animation, and the individual back-to-zero cycles can be set to a custom animation, but how to get them to align with an end of place? I’m not sure if WFD 0.14.2 is yet capable of that complex of an animation. Does anyone know if this back-to-zero animation is even possible, or if I should just stick with using each number as a frame and use it with the digital clock tool number set? Is it possible to use the special character digit for the animation?

can you post what you have? So I can take a look may be help you!

@Edward don’t have anything yet. It’s not even a WIP. It’s still an IIP, an idea in progress.
Here is a link to a YouTube video that gave me inspiration: Chronixie “Lixie” clock

It also shows the back-to-zero animation that I’m trying to replicate. The idea is that Nixie parts are becoming rarer and more expensive as most of the companies that produced the bulbs are either out of business or are no longer producing the bulbs anymore. Plus, larger units consume more power. Lixie clocks are run on LEDs, which are more power efficient and plentiful. Although not exactly the same, the visual effect is very similar.

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It is possible with animated digits. @Marco_Ferreira has created a video about the creation and use of flipping digits. That will work for this task as well.


@G1NT0N1C If you’re talking about the function in the video that I think you are, it includes several functions not in the public release, but possibly for 0.14.2. I don’t need animations as the number is counting up. I just need it when each place hits its peak number and goes back to zero. Part of the appeal of the Lixie design is the immediate transition from one number to the next, much like the appeal of quartz movement over standard. The back-to-zero animation isn’t absolutely necessary, but it does make it look cooler.

I understand well what you want to do. At times, you are a bit inflexible in your thinking: it does not matter if the animation happens at the end of Nine or at the beginning of zero … :wink:
And you do not need WFD to create such a series of pictures. Every image editor is good enough for that.

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@G1NT0N1C Kind of a side effect of my ADD and Autism. It makes it a little harder to think outside the box. I am pretty confident that if I wanted an LED flicker for the numbers, that I could do that. I just don’t know how to do the transitioning. I usually build the elements in WFD and polish them in PS, before importing them back in. I could probably use a 9-0 animation on the 0 for all placeholders, but a separate 9-0, 5-0, 3-0, 2-0 and 1-0 animation would look a little more smooth. Both would probably work and look cool. I could possibly use a multilayer setup like your cursing watch, but I’m not quite sure how to do that, yet.