A Little Crazy All Rights for Swatch brand.

A Little Crazy

All Rights for Swatch brand.

Download Link:


where the blue color link

can make blue color ?

Sorted, Thanks

Yes give me some time and give you variety of colors.

@SamsungXP Here is the color blue.

Rafael, please upload also this version :laughing:
And Nice Job!!!

Which version?

This one:

@Rodrigo_Pina Hola Rodrigo esa ya la publiqué la semana pasada, no?

I already published it last week

Rafael, yes but it was more elaborated. … this simple one you didn’t published… i think it was your first post about this watchface. But its ok, Cracias por tu trabajo!!! :+1::wink:

@Rodrigo_Pina ok I dont understand you.
Let me find that desing.
Do you want the PSD ?

@Rafael_Silva tq