4 days worth of light use,

4 days worth of light use, and my KW88 is already showing signs of fatigue! Not happy at all…

Oh dear, I’m getting the feeling that this is going to be a big problem for them!

Is that cracked as well? The case…

Just the back plastic. It runs from the edge, through the charge area and finishes near the sensor

After just a few days - that’s bad.
I’m going to let KingWear know. They said they had fixed this issue I thought…
@Zoe_Chan what do you think of this?

Thanks. I’ve just sent her a message myself too to let them know about it.

I also sent a message as well as tagging her. That’s two of you so far. Let’s see how many others pop up. Have you removed the complete rear cover at all?

Typically a Chinese quality problem ? No product control (Battery - Watch band white > yellow and so on).

No, only the sim card cover to put a nano sim in. The seal between the back cover and the watch seems like it should fit better in my opinion, it isn’t flush

Mine has also cracked in the same place! I have the white band (turning yellow). I have been very careful with this watch…

That makes 3 of us so far then. Will be interesting to see how many more surface over the next few days!

The likely explanation for the yellowing of the white band is oxidation, initiated by exposure to sun light (UV). To save costs I’m guessing that whoever formulated the polymer (be it silicone or polyurethane) decided to leave out an antioxidant package and hindered amine light stabiliser. What makes it worse is that TiO2 is a very popular effective white pigment and, depending on its crystalline structure, can act as a highly active photocatalyst. C-O and Si-O bonds can be readily broken down through the formation of radicals which in turn are autocatalytic. It wouldn’t surprise me if cracks start to appear in the bands, longer term though. The black band owners should be ok though as carbon black pigments tend to hinder oxidation. p.s. I’m a polymer scientist.

nice explanation :slight_smile:

Ok, the feedback from King Wear is to contact the seller you purchased it from and ask for a replacement rear cover. If you meet any resistance from the seller let us know.

Ok, thank you for the feedback. I purchased the watch through Banggood, I’ve already emailed them but haven’t heard anything back yet.

One thing about the yellowing of the band and UV light.
The watch turned yellowish beeing inside only. I’ve been working outside almost exclusivly at night. The rest of the time it had been on my wrist or sitting in front of me while is was processing images on my workstation. Yesterday I had a gruweling shoot in the rain and the watch got a bit wet. It survived it, but looking at the white band…it’s truly discoloured. Going to clean it today.
About the back, it’s still uncracked, but I can clearly see the edges of the sim cover bend up. Although there’s a rubber O-ring underneath it, this creates a huge problem for moisture to get into the watch. The cover is made of metal. Going to check if this got warped and could be corrected.
Lot’s of item’s that need attention!

Hi Ken. You’ll still get some UV from artificial lights, although not as much as from the Sun. Once oxidation begins it can self propagate and essentially unzip polymer chains. Typically, peroxides are formed but in the presence of water hydroperoxides can also form which are extremely reactive. Without an antioxidant, nothing will be able to terminate the chain reaction that’s occurring. Do you see any surface roughness occuring?

@Kirk_Booth ​ Did you remove the backcover prior to the cracking? I’ve just removed it for the first time and my impression is that there’s a reasonably strong pressure from the waterseal/o-ring. I think that incorrectly balanced and too tight turned screws might put extra syrain on the back cover. The material is mode from a very stiff plastic Don’t know what it’s made of.
Also the sim cover is made from a very strong metal and mine is bent. Both inside corners stick out a bit and if I push on this cover it has room to close better. The latches on the inside are to wide.

@Kenneth_Tan_Fotograf he mentioned earlier that he hasn’t removed it.

@Kirk_Booth yes, contact the seller, they will sell you a replacement cover.sorry for the inconvenience, and we have changed the material of the cover