2 new Faces coming up, called "Black Hole" - one in Red,

2 new Faces coming up, called “Black Hole” - one in Red, one in Blue…
Edited - hope it works now as intended, please keep me informed…
Was fascinated when I saw the wallpapers so I had to do something :slight_smile:

For the credits:
First and foremost to Andrew Davis for the help with the damn battery icon. Though there should be an xml solution not just a graphical “i put it out of sight” - but thats the limitation of the watch, not your fault, thanks for the help dude!
Then - as always - kudos to rromeroa for the clockskin maker, @Lokifish_Marz for this site, @SmartWatch_Ticks for the guides and thanks to you all in this community, have a shitload of fun here :slight_smile:

Pic of the Blue Version came from

Pic of the Red Version came from
The Hexagons are a heavily altered version from
MoonPhase Icons recycled from my last projects, weather icons still stock, rest entirely made by me.

See you over the event horizon, guys!

Damn, forgot @Ciro_Danise for the help with my last project (which I still didn’t fix ^^) Thanks!

Excellent :slight_smile:

Good work man! Hmmm - on my D5 all hands and the blue hole swirling anticlockwise? Gonna change it manually but has anyone experienced the same or is it just me?

@Piotr_Blazewicz The holes are on counter clockwise, the hands should not be…

so coool, I havent had the watch yet but i would definitely have this one as watchfaces :smiley: great job

I got your privios version of HexagonC and I loved but the seconds hands is go counterclocwise, is it possible to make them go clockwise. Thank you